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Feng Shui Services

One Hour Consultation

               During a one-hour consultation I will walk around your place with you and share how to bring more positive Qi into your home or business. Using Feng Shui, I will offer you tips, techniques and recommendations. (For both residential and commercial properties.)

        Price: Hourly rate for consultations: $90.00/hr.

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Annual Feng Shui

      Energy flows indoors change every year. Therefore necessary to recalculate them for harmonizing energy space at the beginning of each year on the solar calendar which begins on February 4.

      You must understand the difference between the annual stars, which change every year and for all the houses are identical and the flow of energy in the room itself, which depend on the year of construction of the building and the exact direction of the facade. Only the construction of the Energy cards "flying stars" of your particular home, you can help solve your problems, whatever they were.

      Annual energy is generally complement the existing scheme premises. But they should not be ignored. These energies have a huge impact on our lives.

      Cost of consultation $ 120 (for regular customers a 50% discount)


Feng Shui Energy Chart

       If you are looking for something less expensive then full audit report, we can prepare for you only the Energy Chart with tips for increasing the favorable aspects and protecting your place against negative energies.

        It can help you to improving your existing home, assess your home's affect on your health, happiness, career and prosperity, relationships, fertility, children's success in school.


        The price depends on the size and complexity of your place. Here is a general guideline:

  • Space up to 1000 sq ft - $ 200.00
  • Space from 1000 to 2000 sq ft - $ 300.00
  • For each additional 1 sq ft - 10 cents

        These are the prices if you have a floor plan of your house. If you don't, we will have to measure all the rooms and draw a floor plan ourself. This costs an additional amount, from $90 to $250, depending on the size and complexity of your project.

Feng Shui Online

     With new technology like Google Earth, it is now possible to measure the exact direction of your house and make calculations without a personal meeting. If you live far away from Calgary you still have an opportunity to have Feng Shui done and bring positive energy to your home or work.

To receive an energy chart and report you need to send by e-mail:

  • The birth dates of your family members or employees.
  • The exact address of your house or building.
  • The date of construction or renovation of your home or office building.
  • A scaled floor plan of your home or office.
  • A few picture from front door, to backyard, view from all bedrooms, Living room, and other picture that you think can help.
  • Describe your problems in details.


    Price depends on the chosen services with 25% discount. Order now.


Full Feng Shui Audit

        A full Feng Shui consultation and audit draws on the scientific research gathered over thousands of years, plus recent research done by the Feng Shui Research Centre under Master Joseph Yu.
        A combination of the traditional methods of Form, Eight Trigram and Flying Star is used, which tailors the audit to each individual in the home or office. It includes an Energy Chart and a report for each room and each person who lives or works in the place. It will indicate which areas are more favourable for each person and how to protect against negative energies and strengthen harmony and balance. It can also help you to choose a new home or office, including the placement of furniture, colour, artwork, lighting, objects and features like fountains.

A full audit will include two visits:

        The first visit is a consultation. Your home or office and the surrounding area will be inspected and the necessary information will be collected to help achieve your goals. The magnetic direction of your building will also be measured accurately. Some preliminary recommendations can be given at this time.

        On the second visit you will receive a detailed and personalized report with suggestions for remedies and enhancements for the interior and exterior of your home or office.

       This will cover all that has been mentioned on the main page, including how to increase the favourable aspects for each person and each room, and how to protect them against negative energies. You can also ask any questions that arise.


        The price depends on the size and complexity of your place. Here is a general guideline:

  • Space up to 1000 sq ft - $ 350.00
  • Space from 1000 to 2000 sq ft - $ 500.00
  • For each additional 1 sq ft - 20 cents

        These are the prices if you have a floor plan of your house. If you don't, we will have to measure all the rooms and draw a floor plan ourself. This costs an additional amount, from $90 to $250, depending on the size and complexity of your project.

To make a payment, please go to the Payment page.

Feng Shui for Construction

  If you build your own house you have an unique chance to bring the best Qi to your new home. We can help you to prepare layout of each level with your wish and better Qi for each room and choose a best direction for your house according energy of all members of your family. 
        Elena Nicholson is a professional Feng Shui consultant with civil engineering and building design in a background will create excellent design with best Qi for your house and landscaping in coordination with your design team.

Feng Shui for Business

        The energy of an office is dependent on the people who work there, and the relationship they form with each other. Feng Shui create an environment which support employer and enable them to make progress.

        It can help to make the business function efficiently and prosper, and to improve job satisfaction, foster harmonious working relationship, and provide a stress-free environment in which personal careers can develop and the company can thrive.
Feng Shui is beneficial for all types of business from large to small, commercial, corporate, industrial, restaurant, retail etc. It is help you raise traffic for your business, bring energy of creativity and increased sales.

        The price starts from $300 for a Feng Shui audit with recommendations and problem solving for finances, employee/client relations, health, organization and vision. It is depending on the type and size of the business premises.


Looking for a House or Business place.

       Before you purchase a home, ensure that your energies match that of the house, to bring health, happiness and prosperity into your life.

       Would you like to buy a house that has positive energy and matches you personal energy? If you don't want to have problems in your new home just call and in 15 minutes you will know how good this place is for you. With new technology like Google Earth it is possible to find any place on the planet, any house or building and to measure an exact direction which is nessesary for the calculation of the energy inside. I only need to know from you the year that the house was built and the birthday of everyone who will live in the house. The same applies for a new location for a business.

       Consultation by phone costs only $30. A third call is Free
       Consultation in place is $90

Colour Consulting


Colour is very important way to harmonize energy in your house. It is also one of the most effective and exciting ways to express character and personality to your home.

        Feng Shui can help to chouse a right colour for strengthen positive energy and protect your house from negative effect. 

       Before you start redecorating, arrange a colour consultation and we help you to pick up a right colour that is also solve a conflict betwen your own and house energy.

      Choosing the perfect colour for each room can help you to harmonize energy in the room. When you decorate with the right colours your home will look beautiful and provide you with a nurturing environment. We work with you to create the perfect match for your home and your personality.

       Price is $60 for each room.

Feng Shui Party

        Do you like parties? Do you want to save money? Invite a minimum 5 of your friends to share an experience of working Feng Shui. During a 3 hours tour you with your friends will be a eye-witness of creation the Energy Chart with explanations, tips, remedies and recommendations for your home. You'll receive the answer for all your question.

        Price is just $250 for 3 hours fun and creativity.

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