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Feng Shui for a Spa

   The energy in a spa depends partly on its design, the staff and customers and the relationships between them. Feng Shui can create an atmosphere that inspires customers towards satisfaction and employees towards success. It stimulates the improvement of working relationships and provides a harmonious environment that brings out the talent of the staff and promotes the prosperity of the company.

       The prosperity of the company depends on its successful room layout, as well as the locations of employees and, above all, the manager's office. After consultation of your business, you get:

  • An energy map showing the most suitable rooms for each of the functional areas and proposals to accommodate the various sections, such as accounting, sales and marketing, management of space, etc.
  • A description of the most favorable locations and directions for the work of all employees.
  • Practical advice on healing space, protection from negative energies and enhance favorable areas in your business.
  • Recommendations for the resolution of problems with finances and relationships between staff and clients.

       Feng Shui is effective for any type of business from small to large, commercial or industrial, offices and shops. It can help increase the number of customers, bring inspirational energy and increases sales.

       A Feng Shui audit of the store includes an analysis of the current location of the office, identifying positive and negative influences, the calculation of compatibility of personnel, guidelines for choosing the location of offices and workplaces and recommendations for improvement.

      The cost of Feng Shui for a restaurant starts from $300.00 depending on the size.

     To prepare for a consultation, see page: Preparation for a consultation


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