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Interior Design Services

        Allow us to help you create a pleasing environment with beautiful colours, furniture, fabrics, lighting and accents.You will also receive a free Feng Shui Energy Chart and recommendations for harmonious energy to bring peace and balance into your life.
        Our services are built on your personal needs. If you are searching for a new look, Harmony Design Creations is here to help.

Individual consultation can be given for:
  • Space Planning
  • Design Plans
  • Colour Consultations
  • Furniture Layout
  • Lighting planning
  • Fabrics
  • Wall coverings
  • Window treatments
  • Flooring
  • Structural

  A Personal Visit

        It all begins with a personal visit by Elena, where you and her will tour your home and discuss your desires. She will then ask the appropriate questions and have you fill out a comprehensive form that will determine what you want done, your style, mood and function of the room or space and your budgetary requirements.

        A plan is sketched and created with the thorough understanding of exactly what you want and need. If your dream is to increase the living space we can help. If you want to add more light to your home we can provide you with new windows, new window treatments or we can coordinate the installation of a skylight or Solar tube.

        Elena will ask for a retainer to begin the process. This retainer will be refunded to you should you decide to move ahead with Harmony Design Creations. Elena will begin the shopping process to find, locate and negotiate pricing on all elements required.

The Presentation

        A presentation will be given to you including structural changes, fabrics, lighting changes, pictures showing new furniture, flooring changes and accessories to finish the look. Once you agree with the plan and the costs associated with the plan, a time schedule will be put in place and your beautiful home will begin to take shape. (See sample presentation for one room on the right. Click on it for larger image.)

        If structural changes or a full renovation is necessary, Harmony Design Creations will assist you every step of the way. We will coordinate demolition, contractors electrician, plumbers, painters etc.

No job is too small so if you just need window treatments or a new piece of furniture to enhance your look, we will be happy to provide you with some consultation on a hourly basis.

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