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Feng Shui audit for your House

       Feng Shui audit - this defines the energy state of the premises and the analysis of its impact on people living in it, based on the "flying star" method, analyzing the eight trigrams, the forms and the surrounding area.

      The task of the Feng Shui consultant is the correct calculation of the premises and the harmonization of all energies in the building, installation of protective equipment in disadvantaged areas and to strengthen all the places that could attract the energy of abundance, prosperity and good fortune, as well as maintaining the balance of energies at home and the people living in it. A Feng Shui audit for the premises includes an energy map of the house or apartment and a full report on each room and for every member of the family living in it. 

      The implementation of Feng Shui recommendations can help improve health, advance careers, increase income, improve family relationships at home and at work, and find love and happiness.

      The consultation includes 2 visits.

      Equipment selection is based on extremely accurate compass measurements, the surrounding landscape, the time of construction or reconstruction of the building and the date of birth of people living in it.
      Therefore, during the first consultation includes an inspection of the premises and the surrounding area, the measurement of the direction of the face of the building and the collection of necessary information. Some recommendations can be given.
      During the second consultation we discuss strengthening of friendly energies and protection against negative energies in every room, as well as personal problems and wishes of all living in the home.
      The client is provided with an energy map of the premises and a report with all the tips and advice for people living in the home and around the room and each room individually in writing. If you have any further questions, you can always contact me.

      Cost of consultation depends on the area of your property:

  • space to 1000 sq ft (100 sq m) - $ 350.00
  • room from 1000 to 2,000 sq ft (200 sq m) - $ 500.00

      For each additional 1 sq ft - 20 cents (1 sq m - $ 2.00)

       This price is based on the fact that you have a floor plan to scale. If you do not have such a plan, we can measure all of the rooms and draw a plan. There will be an additional charge, from $ 90.00 to $ 250.00 depending on the size and complexity of the project.

     To prepare for a consultation, see page: Preparation for consultation

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