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Feng Shui as a Gift

        Give a unique gift to your friends, relatives, acquaintances or partners! Give them a professional Feng Shui consultation! You can choose any Feng Shui service. They'll love it! It will help bring them good fortune. It will be the most original gift that will help bring them harmony, comfort, success and prosperity.

        What do I need to do?

  • Choose the service that you want to give.
  • Pay for your order "Feng Shui as a gift."
  • You will receive a certificate by e-mail, which you can send or print and give to the person you bought it for.
  • The holder of this certificate can apply to us at any time convenient for them, and we will be pleased to provide the service you have chosen.



       For prices of services, see the Prices page.

     See also: Feng Shui Recommendations and Feng Shui online services


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