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Colour Consulting

    Colour is a very important way to harmonize energy in your house. It is also one of the most effective and exciting ways to express character and personality in your home.
        Feng Shui can help to choose the right colour to strengthen positive energy and protect your house from negative energies.
      Before you start redecorating, arrange a colour consultation and we can help you to pick the right colour that can also solve conflicts between your personal and house energy.

    Choosing the perfect colour for each room can help you to harmonize energy in the room. When you decorate with the right colours your home will look beautiful and provide you with a nurturing environment. We work with you to create the perfect match for your home and your personality.

      The price is included (i.e. free) in a normal feng shui consultation.

      For a stand-alone colour consultation, which includes the feng shui calculation for you and your house, the price is $60 for the first room, and $10 for each extra room.

     To prepare for the consultation, see: Preparations for a consultation



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