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Looking for a House or Business Location

    Before you purchase a home, ensure that your energies match that of the house, to bring health, happiness and prosperity into your life.
      Would you like to buy a house that has positive energy and matches you personal energy? If you don't want to have problems in your new home just call and in 15 minutes you will know how good this place is for you. With new technology it is possible to find any place on the planet, any house or building and to measure an exact direction which is necessary for the calculation of the energy inside.
     I only need to know from you the year that the house was built and the birthday of everyone who will live in the house. The same applies for a new location for a business.
      Consultation by phone costs only $30. A third call is Free.
       Consultation on-site is $90.

     To prepare for the consultation, see: Preparations for a consultation



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