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Building a New Home

       If you build your own house you have the unique opportunity to bring the best Qi energy into your new home. We can help you to prepare the layout of each level with your preferences, for better Qi for each room, and to choose a best direction for your house according to the energies of all members of your family.
        Elena Nicholson is a professional Feng Shui consultant with a civil engineering and building design background. She can help you with an  excellent design for the best Qi for your house and landscaping in cooperation with your design team.


      The consultation includes 2 visits.

      The technique of selecting favorable locations is based on the accurate measurement of a special compass, the surrounding landscape, the time of construction and the date of birth of people living in it.
      Therefore, during the first consultation, the site is inspected, the necessary measurements are made to guide the direction of the house and to collect the necessary information.
      During the second consultation, the best direction for the house, the most suitable rooms for family members, taking into account their personal Gua numbers, as well as favorable areas and measures of protection from negative energies in each room are discussed.
      The client is provided with an energy map of the premises and a report with all the advice and recommendations for people who intend to live in the house and each room separately in writing. If you have any further questions, you can always contact us.

      The cost of consultations depends on the area of your housing:

  • Area up to 1000 sq ft (100 sq m) - $ 400.00
  • Area from 1000 to 2000 sq ft (200 sq m) - $ 550.00

      For each subsequent 1 sq ft - 20 cents (1 sq. M - $ 2.00)

     For preparation for the consultation, see the page: Preparation for consultation

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