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Annual Feng Shui

      Energy flow indoors changes every year. Therefore it is very helpful to recalculate them for harmonizing energy space at the beginning of each year on the solar calendar which begins on February 4.
      It is very helpful to understand the difference between the annual stars, which change every year and is identical for all houses, and the flow of energy in the room itself, which depend on the year of construction of the building and the exact direction it faces. Only the construction of the "flying star" energy chart of your particular home can help you solve your problems, whatever they were.
     Annual energy generally complements the existing premises. But they should not be ignored. These energies have a huge impact on our lives.

      Remember that the annual energies begin to change from 4 February each year, and the most dangerous energies to make adjustments for are Wu Wang (yellow five), Tai Sui (Grand Duke) and San Sha.

      Cost of consultation: $90 (50% discount for regular customers.)

     To prepare for the consultation, see: Preparations for a consultation



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