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Testimonials and Examples.

        Five or six years ago I did Feng Shui for a couple when they were having trouble, most of it health-related. Then her husband broke his leg, and she broke her finger. For me it was obvious, even without the calculation that, since their problems began with the beginning of a new Chinese year, this was due to the annual stars. Only star #Five is capable of that. So the energy of this star was somehow affecting the house.

              And indeed, after the calculations, it became clear that the #Five star energy was coming in the side entrance of the house. And because her husband had a home-based business, all his customers used this door. The cause was found and neutralized, and everything fell into place.
       But since I did not only do the annual calculation but the overall Feng Shui for their home, I also recommended that they move to another bedroom with much better Feng Shui. At that time they did not move. Recently I visited them again. The woman told me that they finally moved to another bedroom and her husband feels much better there, and has very good dreams at night. I thought, if they followed my recommendations five years ago, they may have avoided many illnesses and problems that they experienced during this period

For best results, follow all the recommendations.


        One woman who moved into a new house, began to feel severe headaches and dizziness. She went to several different doctors but they couldn’t find anything wrong. Intuitively she knew that the problem was with her house. She tried to improve the Feng Shui in her home by following do-it-yourself books, but it didn’t help. Finally, she decided to call a specialist.                                                            

         After an accurate calculation it revealed that her Gua number, which is calculated on the day of your birth, was in conflict with the energy coming into her bedroom and adversely affected her health. I gave her my suggestions, which included a Calabash close to her bed, and they helped her completely forgot her problems.

        Elena. Thank you for today's meeting. For me there were many discoveries and an unexpected explanation!

Aleksandra Chermush


        This office space was rented for a very good price. Unfortunately, they waited until after signing the contract before calling me to do a Feng Shui calculation. It became clear that all of the best energy came from the back of the office, where there was a warehouse. The sector of the front door did not have very good energy.

And the walls had been painted in the colors that aggravated these energies even more. I recommended them to use the back door or at least activated the back area with good stars but it was not done. It was no surprise to me that this company soon closed.

Take care when selecting a site for your business!

        Several years ago one married couple invited me to do Feng Shui because their business was in trouble and they were thinking to change it for something else. I found several reasons for their problems and gave them recommendations on how to correct the flow of energy.
        One of the most important reasons was a red wall in the front of the door of the store by the reception. The stars in this sector were very good for career but the red color in this particular place could adversely affect their business.

        They corrected all of the disadvantages and did all of my Feng Shui recommendations. Recently they invited me to do Feng Shui for the new home and another store, which they opened downtown. Their business has increased significantly.

       Elena is a true professional in her field. Once she had done Feng Shui to my home, where I have my office as well, my business went up dramatically. It also helped me to understand many spiritual aspects. For more information call me at 905-417-8828 and I will answer all your questions with pleasure.

Rima Kogan


        I did Feng Shui in two spas, situated close to each other: One of them had lots of clients and the other one had only a few people per day. When I did the analysis of these two, I found that the door in the first spa was in the sector for wealth energy, which means that every time someone comes into the spa, they increase the favorable energy of abundance. Of course, this business will flourish.

        In the second spa, the sector of abundance came in the garage, which nobody uses. The back of the house was open, which means that there is no support for the business. At the entrance, the customers immediately stumbled on the stairs, which blocked the energy of abundance. This was one of the reasons why the clients chose the other spa. In the second case, the place had to change.

When you are renting for the business space, be attentive to the details!


        Thank you, Elena! My husband and I tried to implement all your recommendations. Together, we have decided that you can change or rearrange according to the recommendations. Over time, I began to notice that the situation in the family and in my husband's business became more harmonious. There is more confidence and independence, as well as more respect from colleagues. I had more time, and I took up self-realization.

Olga, Iceland


        A family rented an apartment. The husband was always short of money. He was always looking for a job, and when he found one, it didn't last long. Things reached the point that they were thrown out of the apartment for not paying. After reviewing the apartment I saw that a FS star that brings success and wealth in the centre of the apartment was in conflict with the husband's Gua energy. After some changes and placing a fountain to attract abundance in a certain place, the husband found a permanent job and the family was able to pay off its debts.

With the help of Feng Shui, you can solve many problems. Just trust the expert.


        On the recommendations of Elena, I made changes in my house. We have improved every nook and cranny in my house to attract love, prosperity and welfare. Elena gave me hope, saying that it works and can help me. I believe God sent Elena to help me to solve my problems and I am very grateful to her for her advice and tips and everything she did for me at that time. My heart is filled with love and gratitude. Once again, thank you very much, Elena!

Irina Petetsveyg


        I did Feng Shui for one lady and she assured me that there is something wrong in her house. They were already the third tenants, although the house was only four years old. After they moved in they found out that the original pipes were laid at an angle that caused a leak in the basement. When they were removed the hot water stopped running, and the owner spent a lot of effort to deal with this problem. After that her husband had a heart attack. There were other more minor problems at home before the owner decided to consult me.

        She is a very strong-willed woman, for whom career comes first. And the Feng Shui stars that were in the center of the house reflected this. She wanted to use the house for living and for business and this house was very good for that. But very negative energy was entering the entrance to the house that worsened the annual "yellow" five energy. So the first problem affected only the house. But when they started digging under the porch to fix the sewer, that energy directly affected the residents, as it was the area of a negative star.  When my Feng Shui suggestions were properly implemented, they began to feel much better, and their business went well.
        If they had contacted me before buying a house, it would have been possible to find a very similar house, but without the aspects that negatively affect them. And then their career and success could have picked up from the beginning.

Before you buy a house, check to see if it fits your Feng Shui.

        In each of our lives are painful moments of anguish and despair. At times like this it is important that you have someone at your side whose assistance will be timely and necessary, like a fresh mountain breeze. For me, this person was Elena Nicholson. Seeing her picture in the newspaper, I suddenly realized that only she could help me. Elena is a joyful, intelligent person and a true professional in her field. Her professional advice and clear and intelligent guidance helped me in my business. And her kind, warm smile warms the heart and gives hope. In fact, Elena has saved me. Thank you very much, Elena. I wish you success, happiness and new satisfied customers.

Victoria Hotyakova


        A very attractive young woman in the provinces of Russia could not marry. After checking her apartment, it became clear that the FS stars were such that it was difficult to attract a man. She told me that as soon as they moved to this apartment a long time ago her parents divorced, and her mother did not marry again. I gave her recommendations for attracting positive energies in her home for a partner, but I told her that even though she could now attract a good partner, he must never come to her apartment.                                         

        I found out later that she moved to live with her fiancé in the United States. So this man had never been in her apartment. That is how Feng Shui sometimes works out.

Your luck can be very close. The only thing you need is to balance the energy in your home. A Feng Shui consultant will help you!



Not so long ago I was contacted by a woman who a year ago moved to Vienna. According to her description, the house in which they settled was very attractive, but almost all members of the family, including three children, do not cease to have health problems. They had always been very healthy. I immediately recognized the unhealthy energy in the house and it was confirmed by calculation.

        Since these negative stars come into the house through the door, it would be wise to move the door to a different location. But that wasn't possible, so the best option was to find another house, because staying a long time in these energies can lead to chronic diseases.
        I asked her what the possible reason was that they found a home with such problems. It turned out that before moving to Vienna, she expected her third child and she had a lot of fears associated with this trip. This is a very important aspect, since any effect has a cause and for the full resolution of the situation, it is necessary to identify these. This can greatly speed up the process. But before they find a new house, they need to resolve this issue, otherwise they will find a home with exactly the same energy. I told them how to protect themselves from negative stars, and they feel much better now.


        After moving into a new house, my son and I started having a hard time getting along. I also began having arguments and misunderstandings with my husband. At work too, problems started. Already at the first consultation, Elena counted our Gua numbers and measured all of our home to determine the cause of the disagreements with my husband and gave some recommendations to address them. We discuss all of my questions, not only on Feng Shui, but also about macrobiotic food and spiritual aspects. She explained that everything consists of energy and we attract problems to ourselves depending on our own energy. And it's possible to change it, not only with the help of Feng Shui, but most importantly, with our thoughts and actions. After receiving a full report at her next visit, we understood the source of the causes of our problems. Following her recommendations, we have made many changes, including establishing protections against negative energies and putting a fountain in a specific place to attract abundance. And everything fell into place. Feng Shui really works! I am very grateful to Elena for her professional advice, which changed a lot in my life and helped to fill my house with positive energies. Elena works very professionally, and not only gives tips on Feng Shui but also spiritual advice that helps in life. Thank you very much, Elena!



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