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Interior Design Association advantage and Feng Shui

        Most interior designers do not take into account the energy of Qi when working on a project. The space can look very attractive, but negative Qi energy may cause problems with diseases, career or family disagreements.

        In some cases, the placement of furniture that an interior designer suggests may be contrary to the recommendations of a professional Feng Shui consultant.

        For example, you can often find a bed in the bedroom with its head against the outside windows, which is not good for Feng Shui. The bed, as well as a desk, should be placed in the best direction, according to your personal Feng Shui numbers. But, at the same time, you should be able to see the door and window, i.e. energy should be directed at you. The same goes for the table or sofa in the main room. You always have to see who comes into the room.

        Harmony Design Creations unites the beauty and energy together for the foundation of harmony in your home and helps create an environment not only pleasing to the eye, but also brings favorable energy, inspiration and promotes the realization of all your desires.

        Elena Nicholson has knowledge in both areas. She will help balance the energy in your home and use the interior design to your advantage.



Special Offers

         If you have your own business, you need to check both home and business properties. It often happens that the reason that business is slow is not becasue of the energies in your office or store, but becasue of your home energies. And vice versa, the attitude in the family can not go well, because you are at work, for example, sitting in a zone with negative energy.

       Therefore, we recommend that you do Feng Shui for both premises and we offer you a special discount:
  • If you get a full Feng Shui Commercial audit done, you will get 30% off on a full home audit.
  • If you get Interior Design done, you get a free Feng Shui audit.
  • If you order Feng Shui audit, you receive colour consultation for free.


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