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Feng Shui Recommendations


General Recommendations:

  • The house must have free space so that energy can move freely throughout the house and not stagnate.
  • The colour and size of furniture must match.
  • The view from the window must always be pleasing to the eye.
  • The light in the room must be the warm, soft and as close to natural lighting as possible.
  • Your place should be well ventilated and have lots of sunlight. This helps to fill it with vital energy.Sofas should be located facing the entrance so that you feel confident.
  • Your work desk should be in a favourable Feng Shi direction for you.
  • Do not locate a mirror opposite a door.
  • Your place must be clean, so do general cleaning at least twice a year.
  • Arrange your desk so that you can see people entering the room.
  • Your kitchen, and especially your stove, should not be in the centre of the house.
  • It is very good to have a window in the kitchen.
  • Your windows should always be clean.


 Recommendations for Bedrooms:

  • Your bed should be square or rectangle and not be positioned under a window or a beam.
  • Your feet should not be facing a door.
  • The headboard should be large and be touching a wall, and never facing a washroom.
  • Your bed should be in a favourable Feng Shui direction for you.
  • Do not put your bed between a door and a window or between two doors.
  • Do not put any fountains, aquariums, plants or computer in your bedroom.
  • Avoid putting mirrors in your bedroom, as they have a negative effect while you sleep. Put it in your closet or at least place it so that it does not point towards your bed.
  • Close doors and all the blinds in your bedroom during the night so that outside energy does not disturb your rest.
  • Bedroom doors should not be located across from stairs or open directly towards a bed.
  • You should not be able to see a stove, fridge or a toilet from your bedroom.
  • It is not good to have your computer in the bedroom. Its electromagnetic energy badly affects your sleep.


Recommendations for Your House:

  • It is not good to live very close to government buildings, hospitals, schools or casinos.
  • Do not live near cemeteries, funeral houses, temples or churches.
  • Your building should not be considerably higher or lower than adjacent houses.
  • The best shape for a building, house or back yard is a square or rectangle.
  • It is not good place for house close to fast flowing rivers or roads with fast traffic..
  • A straight road going right towards your door brings attacking energy.

  • Warnings:

    • Your house should be of similar height to the surrounding houses.
    • A fountain, pond, swimming pool, river and any other water feature located on the east and southwest of your house or office will attract abundance in period 8(from February 2004 to 2024).
    • A water feature located on the northeast side of a house will be unlucky for wealth.
    • Avoid having the corners of tables and cabinets etc. point to where you sit or sleep.
    • Avoid having ceiling beams above where you eat or sleep.
    • Everything in your place must work well. Fix all appliances, leaking taps, broken locks etc.
    • Keep bathroom and toilet doors closed so that these energies do not circulate through your place.

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