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Feng Shui Energy Chart Sample with Tips

        Facing: NE3 560
        Period of building: 7 (2002 year).

        Ming Gua of Theresa is 1 (East group)
        Ming Gua of Husband is 8 (West group)
        Ming Gua of Oldest Son is 3 (East group)
        Ming Gua of Second Son is 1 (East group)
        Ming Gua of Daughter is 9 (East group)





        Auspicious directions for the East group are South, East, North and South-East. Unfortunate directions are West, North-West, South-West and North-East. And opposite: What is good for East group is unhealthy for west group.    Therefore the directions for sitting at a table or place where you are watching TV or sleeping have to be in the auspicious directions if you want to get better energy.

First assessment of the site:

        The house is facing the North-East which means that is not good for most tenants who live in it because it is unfortunate direction for East group of people. Your house is located in a quiet place and therefore it does not bring a lot of activity (energy) into the house
        The road (representing river in Feng Shui) brings opportunity and the house at the back (representing a mountain in Feng Shui) should provide support and protection.  But in your case there is no houses at the back that weakens the support. This is aggravated with a swimming pool in the backyard.
        The back of the house must be reinforced by mountain. A pile of soil in the backyard in the form of a small mountain will support the health of the occupants. It should be around 3 meters in diameter and 1 meter in height. It should be covered with green grass or shrubs but not sturdy trees.

  First floor

        The Energy in the center of the house is called the "Spirit" of the house. The stars in the center of your house have a very good combination that can bring intelligence, success in examinations, art, promotion and romance.
        The combination of the stars at the Entrance and in the Great room are in conflict. Be sure there are no tall trees or wooden posts close to the main Entrance. Such objects will aggravate combination between stars #2 and #3 and brings arguments and lawsuit to the occupants. A combination of fire and metal is necessary for this area. A good remedy is a clock with a golden colored pendulum hung on the wall in the Great room close to the Entrance. This clock must chime. It is the sound of metal that is effective. A fireplace or TV are also very suitable for this room.
        In the Dining room use grey or dark blue curtains and pictures with quite water (lake, for example). 
        Your back yard has to be really clean and pretty with a lot of flowers. From this direction it is possible to bring energy that gives you financial success. Put a fountain or aquarium in the Kitchen at the window (where is shown). Use the outside door in the laundry a lot. In sector with star #6-#8t you can also arrange outside fountain or put a bird bath.
The door from the garage should not be used a lot because of the possibility to bring bad energy. The stair #5 is an evil star and should not be disturbed. Put six metallic coins in a jar of salt water and place it in the left side at the door going inside from the Garage. This will pacify the #5 star.

Second floor

        Master Bedroom

        The main problem in the master Bedroom. Two most dangerous stars #5 are in this room. In the day time it comes from the North through windows and at night is from North-West. The walls should be painted golden yellow to pacify the star #5. A wavy headboard for the bed and dark blue bed sheet can be used. Keep windows closed all the time and use golden curtains. Play a CD with piano music during the day in this room. Or you can also use metallic sounds before you go to sleep (a bell or a Tibetan Singing Bowl). Red, pink, orange and purple are prohibited in this room. Avoid triangular objects.
        This evil star especially influences you. The combination with star #9 may cause eye and heart problems. The suggestion for you is not to sleep in this room.

        Bedroom 1

        This room fortunate for school children. A deck should be placed at the window. This room also good for your eldest son. Do not use red colour here. Put 3 bamboo stalks on the work table. A table should face South-East.

        Bedroom 2

        Open the window in the day time to bring wealth energy. Keep open the door at the day time to spread the good energy to the second floor. This room is good for your daughter.

        Bedroom 3

        This room is suitable for youngest son. Use a wavy headboard for the bed and dark blue curtains in this room. It is very important to close curtains in the bedrooms at night time. Place the bed in the direction as show in the plan. Do not put any plants in the bedrooms.

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