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Feng Shui for Your Bedroom

        Centuries ago, Chinese people noticed how life, destiny and health are all related and affect every human being and their surroundings. Feng Shui is something in between science and art, which explores principles of harmony in the environment and energy in the universe and looks at its influence on the health and life of a person.

        Nowadays there are many different schools of Feng-Shui. The main ones are the schools of Form and Compass. The school of Form is based on observation done by ancient Chinese people that many things in our life depend on the place where we live. In some places people have wealth and health whereas in others they are poor and sick. In some places people have healthy and happy children whereas in others they cannot conceive at all. Tips given in this article are based on these particular observations and are directly related to symbolic Feng Shui.

        In general people spend a lot of time in their bedrooms. Therefore it is very important that the energy in that room circulates smoothly and freely. First of all it is important to check the location of your bed. Here we have to take into consideration not only the direction it is facing but also its position. Sometimes it is enough to move the bed one meter and the negative energy will no longer affect you. The bed should not stand under a window or so that your feet are facing the door. The headboard of the bed has to be large and should be touching a wall that will provide you with a feeling of support and safety. The shape of your bed should be square or rectangle and not round or oval. There should not be any sharp corners of furniture pointing towards it, for example the corner of a night table or shelf. Never place your bed or desk under a beam.

        Never position your bed with a headboard facing a washroom. It is also not very good for the bedroom to be located directly above a kitchen, washroom or a garage. It will create a feeling of emptiness.

        However if the bedroom is located above a kitchen and there is nothing you can do to change that, make sure your bed is not situated directly above a stove. Also, bedroom doors should not be located across from stairs.

        The ideal shape for the bedroom is a rectangle or a square. Doors to the bedroom should not open directly towards a bed. Do not position your bed between a door and a window or between two doors. Have the doors to your bedroom closed during the night. Make sure there are no sharp objects across from your bed or your desk. Never sit with your back to the door. You should not be able to see a stove, fridge or a toilet from your bedroom.

        Your bedroom should be well ventilated. Close the doors to the washroom so that negative energies do not circulate in the bedroom. You can use oils and incense.

        Do not put any fountains, aquariums or plants in the flowerpots in your bedroom. It is preferable not to have any mirror in the bedroom since the mirror reflects negative energy. Mirrors can be hidden in a closet or located in a way that will not reflect your bed. Mirrors that reflect the bed can spoil the relationship between spouses.

        During nighttime you should close all the blinds in your bedroom, so that no outside energy could interrupt your rest. Do not put a TV beside your bed. It is also not good for a computer to be situated in your bedroom. The electromagnetic waves that it reflects will negatively affect you during your sleep.

        The lighting in a bedroom should not be too bright and the color scales should be soft. It is very important to keep a balance between Yin and Yang. In the bedroom the energy of Yin must prevail. It represents calmness and silence, allowing you to relax and to restore your strength. If the bed is located adversely, the relationships between spouses might suffer.

        It might also negatively influence other aspects of your life. You might start having miscommunications about little and insignificant things. Because of the influence of the negative energy during your sleep, you are exposed to a harmful influence and might loose the ability to concentrate during the day.

        It is also necessary to consider the view from a window. If you have a highway outside of your bedroom windows, then the energy which enters your room, will not allow you to rest well, which might lead to stress and sickness. On a contrary, if you have green plants and flowers or a snow panorama, it will bring you peace, calmness and a good mood.

        The direction in which a person sleeps is also very important. The bed should be standing in a favourable direction for you and its back should be firmly pressed against the wall. As I have mentioned in other articles, each person has his or her own energy, which in Feng-Shui is called a number of "Gua". It is easily calculated. Based on that number, people are further separated onto two types: "eastern" and "western", and each person has four favorable and four adverse directions.

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