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The Art of Practical Spirituality

        Each of us has a special mission, with which we were born. Since my childhood I had been asking myself the same question: Why was I born? What was my purpose? Our souls know everything. They remember that prior to descending onto planet earth they were given a preview of their lives in their physical bodies. They had agreed to have those lives because they knew that having those lives would help them balance their karma, for example by meeting certain people they had known in previous embodiments in certain situations. We, our souls, also had made promises to fulfill, consistent with our level of spiritual attainment. And now, what does not allow us to fulfill our promises is our ego, which has made itself very comfortable and doesn't want to move anywhere.

        We now have to force ourselves to struggle with it and overcome it. Unless we follow the call of our souls, the consequences may be destructive in our physical and spiritual lives. We become irritable and grumpy. We are not joyful anymore. We lose the sense of wonder. We become ill and obsessed with our ailments. We dwell in our misery.

        Our young people try to suppress the call of their souls, as their souls call them back to God. They resort to drugs, because they cannot find themselves in this life. Sitting for hours in front of television, or playing unreal games over the computer, they do not even realize that there can be an absolutely different kind of life, full of joy and invention. They thus fail to think about who they are and where they came from. In fact, the cause of such a state of affairs lies in their desire to escape reality.

         Each of us has his/her own mission to fulfill on the planet earth. The purpose of our lives, however, is just one - to live in love and harmony, to find God inside ourselves, in our talents, and find joy in our sacred labor. In one of my meditations I asked God to reveal to me what does real love mean. I was very surprised to realize that if we love somebody, we strive to do everything possible and impossible for our beloved, whether he is our chosen one, or our child, or just simply someone who is intimately close to us. Only love can dissolve hatred and offence. If it is too hard for you to forgive somebody, call on the Law of Forgiveness and forgive his soul because she is innocent. Sometimes it takes a very long time especially when there is a very old karma sitting behind. Nurturing anger and resentment inside ourselves, not forgiving others or ourselves, we do not let ourselves to live in the present. Actually this anger and resentment keep us tied to people in a karmic trap. And they do not let us move further. When we forgive and forget, we release the energy for something more important. If we do not do this, our negative emotions and irritations and discontent lead to heavy diseases and sometimes to death. Why does it so happen?

         One should not forget that we live not just in a physical body. There is also a mental body which contains all our thoughts, an astral or desire body with of all our emotions, and an etheric body which keeps the memory of everything that happened in all our lives. All these bodies are inter-connected. For the most part, an illness is born in the mental body where we churn our thoughts, even if such thoughts are not our own but were forced upon us from outside. Or it is born in the astral body because of our unfulfilled desires or excessive emotions, fears and resentments. It can sometimes happen because of overeating, or not enough attention to physical body, and so the illness can be born right here. In either case, all of these factors finally descend upon the physical level. But to treat this disease one should know its real cause. On the other hand there could be a karmic disease. It means that it could begin right in the etheric body. In any case, the causes of disease will without fail become manifest in our life. We already know that doctors treat just consequences of our diseases, but if we do not dig into the very core of the real causes, they problems will repeated again and again.

         Let us look at our lives from another angle. You may have been given this disease so that you could improve yourself, so that you could overcome all your negative qualities. Or perhaps you need to review your talents hidden deep within you. If it is a karmic disease, perhaps you can use the right diet, or express your care and your love to people around you. In any case, we alone are responsible for our own diseases, and we alone can treat them. However, as long as we are in the state of feeling offended by somebody, we have a block within us and we cannot evaluate in reality all the circumstances which are connected with this situation. To see correctly the problem which befell you, take one step back and look at it from the side, as though it happened to somebody else rather than to you. That way God can work through you and you can make the right decisions to solve this problem.

         Think in the morning what you can do for the other person, and in the evening before retiring review in your mind the events of the day and ask for forgiveness for any pain or hurt you may have caused anyone by your words or actions.  Forgiveness and gratefulness are the most magnificent actions for transmutation of karma and of illnesses. In every spiritual teachings, like Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Taoism there are spiritual practices for the balancing of karma. These practices include service to others. Fasting, prayer, or meditation are other methods of purification of our hearts.

        One of the most important spiritual laws says that where you direct your attention, there will go your energy. Every day we receive a certain amount of energy. We can direct it to remembering our past, or to dreaming about the future, and thus we all end up much less energy to use now. How often we hear: "Oh! In Russia I was …, or I worked …", and how often are we worried about our future. What can happen if … But if we do not gather ourselves,  piece by piece, from the past,  part of our soul will be left  and it will live in the past. The soul can even be lost.

        With the nonstop churning of feelings of apprehension and fear and misgivings, people attract to themselves the thoughts of others who are worrying in that same  moment. They get drawn into the common orbit of the magnetic field of human fear which reinforces itself. All fears come from ignorance and lack of confidence. One ancient Buddhist story tells us about two monks who were traveling and came to the river. There was standing a beautiful girl afraid of crossing the turbulent waters. One of the monks took her in his arms and went across the river. They continued on their way and after passing several miles, the other monk asked him with curiosity: how come you did it. You have no right to even touch her? And the other monk replied: I put her on the ground several miles ago, but you are still carrying her.

       Of course we should analyze and learn some lessons from our yesterdays, but we have to live today. Observe your thoughts, watch your emotions, and do not let them to possess you. The practical art of spirituality tells us on one hand to listen to our obligations and on the other, to be attuned to our inner voice of wisdom. It is very important to hear what God wants to tell us - and it is not always a straight conversation. It could be a silent voice talking inside you, or some vision during your meditation, but most often you can find answers to your questions from the book that you suddenly open on some unknown page, or when you talk to somebody who unexpectedly tells you something that you never expected to hear from that person.

        "Even an ant can be a messenger". Radio stations are constantly broadcasting their programs but if you do not turn it on and tune in to it on some definite frequency, you will not here the message. We should remember that God is with us everywhere. He is always ready to help us, but we have to tune in to some definite spiritual frequency. Learn how to listen. Be observant. Do not refuse right away, because that is the only reason that we do not see the signs that God sends to us. First, we do not believe that it is possible.  Second, we are afraid he will ask us to do something that we do not want to do. It is habitual for us to stay with the old issues,  and we do not want to change something in us, especially if we need to work on it. But God indeed wants to see us different, more perfect, grateful and loving as his children.

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