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Attracting Abundance.

        Feng Shui is based on three lucks: Heaven luck is luck which we are born with ("in our stars", or "our karma"). Earth luck is the environment around us. And human luck is our thoughts, ideas and actions. If Heaven luck did not smile on us and we were not born millionaires, then I suggest rolling up your sleeves and activating your Earth and Human luck.

        In order to attract Earth luck, it is necessary, first of all, to clean your house from negative energies, which means to put things in order, to get rid of all the superfluous things. You have to remember that according to Feng Shui, everything in the house should be arranged in order, every thing should have its own place and be easily found. After the house is free and the energy can easily move around without obstacles, it is necessary to set up a fountain, aquarium or any other continuously running water. For attraction of abundance, Feng-Shui uses active running water ("Yang" energy), since the element of water draws money to itself.

       Nowadays Feng Shui is used everywhere. At the malls and beside office buildings, at the airports and at the entrance of prestigious restaurants you can see enormous fountains with exact measured amount of water for attraction of abundance. This is the quickest and the most efficient way for increasing income in a business. The fountain brings success and prosperity if it is established both outside and indoors. It is especially necessary if you have your own business.

        Outside of your house you can put a fountain, pool or a decorative pond with small fish if there is no existing lake or river nearby. It is a very effective method, but it has to be put in the certain place. In the 8th period, which has started in 2004 and will last until 2024, this place is the East and Southwest directions.

Never establish water objects in the Northeast during this period of time, since it can adversely affect your career.

        In order to find the right place to set up "active water" indoors, it is necessary to perform calculations, which can be done by a professional Feng-Shui practitioner, who will define where to establish a fountain or an aquarium. In symbolic Feng-Shui it is considered that the number of small fish in an aquarium should be eight gold fish and one black. In reality, moving (active) water brings luck and small fish are necessary only for the movement of this water, therefore except for some cases, it does not matter the number of fish in your tank. But do not put "active water" without making appropriate calculations. If it gets put into a place with a negative combination of energy, it will activate it and your material and other problems will only become worse.

        In symbolical Feng-Shui it is considered that a fountain for attraction of luck/success, should be established in the North, East and in the South East sector. You can only find basic knowledge in Feng-Shui books. In your own case the place for the fountain has to be calculated exactly taking into consideration the location and direction of your house and the date it was built or fully renovated

.         Every house is unique and there is no general way to calculate the place for the fountain or aquarium. If everything was that simple, there would be no need for Feng-Shui specialists. In the old days, a student had to wait almost all his life until his master would share with him the secrets of Feng-Shui.

        And now let's discuss how Human Luck can help us to attract abundance. First of all, let's start with cleaning our consciousness from poverty and fear. Without knowing it, some people direct negative laws of abundance against themselves by saying: "I cannot do it. It will not work out. I do not have any money" and so on. These statements block the stream of abundance. In order for this law to work for us, it is necessary to begin controlling our thoughts and feelings.

        Your worries and fears are a magnet that attracts other people's worries to you. This can result in you being in a bad mood or feeling depressed, and if we compare it to electricity, it leads to a short circuit. And how long that short circuit lasts depends only on you.

        There are many ways to clear your consciousness and to free yourself from fear and worries. The most effective method that I have personally found is with the "violet flame". Spiritual light, just like solar light is passing through a prism, divides into the seven colors of rainbow, seven rays. Every ray has its own color, frequency and quality. The violet ray is a seventh ray. When you call it in the name of God, it descends into your form as a stream of spiritual energy and flashes a violet flame into your heart, releasing you from all the negative aspects, which are in your subconscious, even if you do not remember them.

        From our Higher Self we can do affirmations or mantras for abundance and healing. We can call to the angels and Saints for help. Imagine how a violet flame dissolves all your fears and worries, all your weaknesses and uncertainty as you say: "I am a being of Violet Fire, I am a purity God desired!"

        While releasing our consciousness from restrictions and anxieties, we have to fill it with positive energy at the same time. It is good to remember that everything that you require will be granted to you. One of the greatest secrets of abundance is tuning in to positive thinking. Therefore it is possible to use an affirmation like: "I am decreeing right here and now an end to any lack that has manifested in my finances", "I am attracting abundance", "I am the fulfillment of all my needs and requirements of the hour". While saying these affirmations, imagine how your finances, career, success and everything that is necessary for you in your life are drawn to you.

       Instantly this wave will connect with space abundance. Give it some time for the dissolution of all the blocks which interfere with the stream of abundance to fill your life without obstacles and do not lose hope if the success and luck did not come right away. Believe! Be filled with happiness! Thank God for everything that occurs in your life and you will be surprised how much your life will change.

       Good fortune!

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