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Feng Shui Heaven Luck

         Feng Shui is based on three types of luck: Heaven luck is luck which we are born with ("in our stars", or "our karma"). Earth luck is the environment around us. And human luck is our thoughts, ideas and actions. Let us look at our Heaven Luck and what it depends on. First of all, what is Heaven Luck in Feng-Shui? It is something that we start off with at birth and cannot be changed. In other words it is our Karma.

        Under the law of Karma all the results of actions done in the past, good and bad, come back to us. Karma defines the family in which we are born and the people whom we meet in our life, our health and our career. For example, it can answer the question why we have immigrated to Canada, or why we have chosen a specific career. Nothing happens without a reason.

        We think that we inherit our genes, health problems and talents from our parents. In reality we attract those parents who have the same karmic formula as ourselves. Every soul has its own mission on Earth, for which it may have waited 1000 years. Often a child is karmically connected to its parents, and if it is not born, it can prevent the parents from balancing their karma in relation to each other.

        We should not think that karma is a negative phenomenon. God, with the help of karma, enables us to correct the mistakes done in the past and to learn to be self-controlled in different situations. In reality karma is our teacher. The greatest lesson we learn from karma is that it is not the circumstances that play the role, but how we react to them. Karma could be both personal and collective. Whole cities and countries could share a group karma. Every nation has its own karma which they should resolve. The disasters caused by weather conditions, hurricanes, earthquakes, acts of nature can serve as the instructions of return of a group karma.

        Every day, every minute we make decisions. We can criticize or laugh about the awkwardness of a person or we can sympathize and offer to help. We can become embittered and shout at our relative or we can apprehend the situation with humor and resolve it peacefully without any negative emotions. In my opinion it is very important to understand the reason for a disagreement and to learn a lesson from it and to never repeat it again. Feelings such as envy, jealousy, criticism, condemnation, hatred, fears and rivalry promote negative karma. One of the dangerous traps that create karma is a feeling of revenge. If someone has hurt you in some way, the first thing that comes to mind is: "I shall revenge". That is how you get caught in a net of karma. You become emotionally involved in the situation and make more karma than if you had just had negative thoughts about the other person. And in the following life it all comes back to you.

        So, what should we do? It is necessary for us to learn how to forgive. It is not easy to do, especially in a face of a tragedy. When a disaster happens to us, we start thinking why it happened to us and start searching for people to blame and sometimes even God. But if we will look from the perspective of karma, it all starts to make sense. It is possible that in the past you have caused someone pain and suffering and now it has returned to you. When we forgive, we release energy on something more important. We can balance karma with someone only after we have forgiven them. If you still have some people whom you have not forgiven or who have not forgiven you, talk to them, write them a letter and ask for forgiveness. If that person has passed away, you can write a letter to him/her and burn it and ask angels to deliver it to that person.

        Any illness is the result of our own thoughts and acts of the past and it helps us to transform our karma faster. It is important to cure the illness using medication or alternative medicine in order to transform karma. But it is important not to fall into a depression, since it will only attract to you negative energy and will make healing of your physical body and soul much harder. Until we start looking at our life from a karmic perspective and take on a responsibility for the karmic challenges facing us, we would have to be reborn again and again with the same people and live through the same karmic experiences. If a person understands the reason why specific event occurs, he is half way to resolving karma. For that to happen, it is necessary to learn to analyze things, which happen to you, and sometimes to be able to see the situation from an outside perspective. To understand and to see the goal, to learn lessons and not to repeat the same mistakes- that is the goal of our lives.

        Earth is a school of life. When we graduate from that school, we would never have to be reincarnated again and we would continue our life as a soul on other levels, which we cannot see now with our physical sight. But the parallel universe does exist, as much as angels, archangels and other beings not known to us.

        Often we hear people say: "What can I do? It is my destiny". But those people confuse destiny with karma. We cannot change our karma we begin with, but our destiny is in our hands. Imagine a tree. This is our tree of life. The roots are our derivation, the trunk is what connects us with our higher self, and the branches and leaves are our actions and our decisions. The tree always has only one trunk and that is our karma with which we are born. Before being born we see that symbolic tree and all the different roads we can take depending which branch we will choose. That tree is in fact our destiny.

        Karma is not the same thing as a destiny. Everyone has free will, given to us by God and chooses their own destiny, by making everyday decisions that either balances karma or aggravates it. And on which branch, on which leaf we will end up at the end of our life, depends only on us, on how we will choose to apply the energy given to us by God. If we examine that tree from Feng-Shui's perspective, then the trunk is our Heaven Luck, the branches are our Earth Luck, and leaves are our Human Luck. Now you understand the importance of Human and Earth Luck, which includes in itself our environment where we spend most of our time. Therefore it is very important to choose the right place to live and to work. Since everything is related to each other, it is important to live in a house which suits you and which is not in conflict with your human success. This way it will be possible to diminish your karma and not to make it worse. My colleagues in Feng Shui say that it is not a man that chooses a house, but a house that chooses a man. And that happens for a simple reason that our karma attracts us to that place. Things, which are alike, attract each other. And in that case Feng Shui can solve many problems.

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